We are way over due for this meeting meetup. Let’s celebrate ‘carnival season’ on Fat Tuesday with some good ol’ southern BBQ, live music and a whole bunch of awesome people. Get a ticket HERE through Guestlist.

If you have never been to #GenYTO, come! If you HAVE been before, you should especially come and see your friends. WE MISS YOU. Check out some posts from previous events here.

What is GenYTO?

In January 2009  Erin BuryRenee WarrenDaniel Patricio, Dave Coleman and I started GenYTO.  A group for the wired, creative and ambitious young people in the in the Toronto startup, marketing, PR and tech community. We’ve done some pretty fun things since 2009 and helped out a whole bunch of local, national & international charities.  For more info visit the GenYTO tumblr.

February 2012 Charity: Breakaway Addiction Services

Located in Parkdale, Breakaway Addiction Services has a mission to provide seamless, comprehensive and effective harm reduction services and a full range of addictions treatment services. Their services are offered through community-based facilities with a focus on street and community outreach.

Come join us for good times 🙂



Friday night at Lee’s Palace was great fun. Thank you to everone who came out. I love seeing so many good looking familiar faces & meeting new ones.

Many thanks to Marcel aka @mdee14 for being my photog for the night. Pictures look great, see the full set on Facebook.

You can tell which photos in this post are from my wee little camera. 😉 Ex. 1, 2, & 3.

Sheldon you look hot, Lisa too.

SMWTO stickers by Sticker You. I need some stickers, pronto. Any of you remember/have my OLD stickers?

Back stage for Prince Perry‘s show. BTW if anyone wants to go to their show on Feb. 25th, LMK. I got your guestlist.

Gave away a couple flights on Virgin America as your Virgin Toronto Provocateur; one to a GenYTO ticket buyer, one to a Social Media Week Volunteer, third to a fan of the band Prince Perry & the Gladtones.

Winners were Ava Zack, Kayla McQueen & Natalie Taylor.

This game takes me back to highschool so bad, love it.  I’d like to play more often, who has a table??

Once there was no more dealing with capacity issues  & everyone could get in, I gave myself a thumbs up…

…and had a beer. Afan you are a party animal, I like it.

If anyone wants to get involved with our GenY initiatives in some way, please email me. We have a tumblr GenYTO and if you would like to contribute content related to young entrepreneurs or cool internetty stuff, let me know that too.

The next GenYTO will be in the spring and it will be HUGE. Keep an eye on the hashtag for other cool stuff until then.

Have a great day,


Hey Peeps! GenYTO is tonight at Lee’s Palace. You can get tickets at the door. If you want to get one before go here. There will be a couple bands performing including Prince Perry & The Gladtones.

I’ve got a few flights to give away from Virgin America too! Come out, meet people, network and have fun. This is the PERFECT way to close out Social Media Week 2011!

See you there!!!!!!!!!!!!


First of all, thank you everyone that came out last night. It was one of the most epic GenYTO night’s we’ve had. It was HUUUUGE! I arrived early and there were already a few peeps ready to get the party started. Soon as 8pm rolled around, the sun was setting and a steady flow of people filled the London Tap House patio.

Before we knew it, we had a full on PARTIO happening.

There are five of us on the organizing team and we all have red marked name tags, they are Erin (above with Jonathan), Renee (below) , Daniel & Dave.

Dave in the pink shirt.

I met a heap of new people who were happy to be attending a GenYTO for the first time. Heard comments all night about how many new faces there were around. I love that.

This group started in Feb. 2009 with about 30 people meeting at an uptown bar near Young and Eglington. Last night, our guest list topped 300 and there was lineup to get in for part of the night. Amazing, eh!

There were lots of babes around too. That’s Daniel on the right beside tattoo’d stud.

Fiiiiine ladies.

Digging this track reco from @JoelReilly, below.

He made this for me today. I called him Wayne and now I’m Garth. haha So funny.

Sean Ward show in the haus.

There were a heap more photos you can see here or check me on FB for the album. Stay tuned for September GenYTO info. We’ve got some things to share with everyone and it will without a doubt be a night NOT to miss.

Happy Friday everyone. TGIF MoFo’s!

p.s. sorry to be annoying but did you vote for me in the Virgin thingy? it’s over in 4 days. don’t worry 🙂


Mark your calendars cause on Thursday, August 26th it’s genYTO at The London Taphouse. They have graciously set aside a HUGE area for us on the roof patio starting at 8pm till late.  Snapped this pic on that same roof last summer,  sun setting is pure beauty.

If you have never been to a genYTO night before, be prepared for awesomeness. It’s a group that was founded in January 2009 by Erin Bury, Dave Coleman, Renee Warren, Daniel Patricio and myself to combat the negative portrayals of generation Y in the media. Articles were floating around saying  we’re  self-absorbed, confused, spoiled, lazy, and entitled. Truth is – we are inspired and motivated to drive change in our world. Erin said it well on her blog:

“We think we’re actually some of the most driven, hard-working and inspired people out there, so we decided to host a monthly event in Toronto to bring the GenY community out, share ideas, and of course share a couple beverages. The events now get over 100 people out each month and have inspired folks in Ottawa to found the GenYOTT events. “

This time we will have some special announcements.  Exciting stuff is happening behind the scenes with the GenYTO crew and we are looking forward to sharing that awesome with you. Get your tickets here. They’re free 🙂

Feel free to check out  the stuff we’ve done over the last couple years on Google or on my blog. If you would like to donate anything to enhance the experience, let me know. I’d be happy to get you involved.

My Sims  Nintendo DS BFF Joey totally has the right idea.

Have a great day!



Canadian Livers in Training symposium once again joins forces with #genyto for the 2010 edition. Last year this party was so fucking fun. It was also packed and started early. Hosted by Fair Trade Jewelry Co. with SXSW dignitaries @jaygoldman & @smack416. Music by People Downtown. BYOB + dance moves. Follow @CanLITyeah for up to the minute details. There’s already over 100 people confirmed. Get a ticket right away. See you there!


Listen While You Work: My Chat on The 416 Show – Episode 15

I’m listening to it as I type this and I think you’ll really like it. You’ll laugh a little.  If you’re at the office , throw in your headphones and listen while you work.

The 416 Show

(this will open in another window)

Here’s the shirt I came up with. Buy it here.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 9.09.00 AM

Show Links



Notable Awards for Young Professionals

Today is the last day to vote for your fav people from Ontario in the Notable Awards powered hosted by Notable.ca. I’m nominated in the Best Blog category for Toronto. It’s my second time being nominated for a Notable Award, I was up for Best Personal Brand in 2011.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 1.10.16 PM

I swore that after winning the Virgin American Provocateur competition I’d never ask people to vote for me again, I know it can be a bother, but here I am. I’m up against some really great blogs that are run by more than one person which is pretty cool. It’s awesome to be nominated with amongst my peers. You can vote for me here and pick out your favs in other categories here.  In other interesting news I’m Nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Award (for the second time) in the Canadian Weblog Awards, winners announced next week for that.

I’ve been a big supporter of Notable and Julian since he started in back in 2008. In 2009, Julian and Notable document the top bloggers in Toronto, including me. They don’t all blog anymore but you’ll recognize Raymi the Minx, and Lisa Charlieboy in these photos. Below is another one from 2009, we’ve come a long way since then!

I had a quick chat with Julian this week about the Notable Awards and what’s next for the company. Scroll down for a recent video I did with Notable for their Icon Series and PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO VOTE.

Interview w/ Julian Brass from Notable

Julian and I chatted on the phone and I did my best to get it all down! Thanks Julian! Follow him on Twitter at @JulianBrass.

  • What was the inspiration behind creating Notable??
    • We as young professionals have so much potential, to live our dreams and help other live theirs. Notable is the brand that helps young professionals realize it’s up to themselves to make a change. The idea came to me when I was coming and going job from my job in Solicon Valley and back home (to Toronto). When it came to where friends and peers were getting information about their professional, social, non-profit information, it was a fragmented experience. There was no central location, not one brand to bring it all together.
  • What makes a Notable young professional?
    • Someone who is a hardworking, driven, young professional who also enjoys travel, a fun night out, and community. We talk about the living the 360 degree Notable lifestyle, N360. A person who is dedicated to their career, progressing each day, not just working, they’re living living life to the fullest, and you’re finding a way to make a difference in the world.
  • Biggest challenge in creating Notable?
    • When we started back in 2008, no one really understood the concept. People weren’t appreciating what we were trying to do. We might be in the GenX or GenY, but as a group we’re not the norm, we’re young professionals who really stand for something.
  • How was your team grown since 2008?
    • When I started in 2008. it was just me and a small editorial team. We’re at about 20 in various roles now.
  • What’s next for Notable?
    • Well, we’re relaunching the site very soon. We’re also evolving the brand w/ the intention of being THE brand for young professionals.  From charity to education, we’re everything a young professional cares about.


Quick Note for You <3


Have a HUGE meeting/workshop all day with an awesome client. It’s times like right now meow I am really glad to be a millennial, genY, person about the internet. 


It’s beautiful out today so please enjoy it for me! I will be in the office till 5:30pm. Have a hair appt tonight in prep for LA. Can’t. Hardly. Wait.

Smile and pass it on!
Much love,


“It’s All About ME” Documentary an Official Selection for Commfest Film Festival

The last few weeks have been filled with so many great things and it’s not about to stop! I found out yesterday that the documentary I filmed last year with director Antoine Gaber about genY and millennials has been selected and will be premiering at the Commfest Global Film Festival on September 14th. I’m moving from small screen and second screen TO THE BIG SCREEN!

It's All About Me - Official Selection for Commfest Film Festival

The feature documentary “It’s all about ME” will be screened on Saturday 14 September 2013 at 8:30PM at the Rainbow Cinema (80 Front St E, Toronto, ON, Canada, M5E 1T4). I’ll keep you posted about tickets and when I’ll be walking the red carpet! 🙂

Watch the It’s All About ME Trailer


Earlier this year I was filmed for a documentary called ‘It’s All About Me‘ directed by Antoine Gaber (LA/Toronto). The first trailer is now online and HERE IT IS. The film is all about GenY and technology. I always get nervous when something I’m in comes out. Gah! It’s getting submitted to festivals around the world later this month. My scenes were filmed at Darren Kwik Studio and Bicyclette Boutique on Queen in March 2012. I can’t wait to see the whole thing next year. MY FACE ON THE BIG SCREEN GUISEEEEE! Show your love Like for the film on Facebook/itsallaboutmemovie.


This video inspired me today. Burberry is the most innovative fashion brands (according to Mashable). I feel they are one of the most innovative brands in the world.  I want to visit the ‘store of the future’ in London.

I’m blown away. I have such a heart on for innovation  My goal is to stay ahead of the influencers and be known as an innovator. I love being GenY and living in such an exciting time. I love technology. I will be a CEO one day.  A stylish one in a burberry trench.

Over & out. 🙂



“You kids waste so much time on that there Facebook.” Yeah GenY, THE INTERNET & entrepreneurs FTW!

German news gives FB thumbs up!

someecards.com - Happy 24 Hours of Constant Facebook Notifications Day

I’ll update this if something mind blowing happens like Facebook breaks the internet or the stock market crashes.